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Digital X-Rays

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Panoramic X-Ray

A Panoramic X-ray machine rotates around your entire head to take a 360-degree view of your teeth, sinuses, and the bone structure of your head and jaws. This provides a more complete image than standard x-rays. Panoramic x-ray imagery is a valuable resource for Dr. Christopher Lee to use in diagnosis and treatment planning.


The Cavitron is a handheld device used in periodontal deep cleaning. While scaling can be completed by hand, the Cavitron uses ultrasonic technology to remove calculus from teeth and gums quickly, gently and effectively.With the Cavitron, patients enjoy a more comfortable experience and time spent scaling and polishing is decreased.

Cone Beam Imaging

Cone beam imaging is an advanced form of digital radiograph. With the cone beam imager, one simple scan will produce a 3D image of your entire maxillofacial structure. This image can then be used in diagnostics, patient education, treatment planning, and treatment follow-up.

The cone beam provides an effective solution to create quick, clear, precise images for your benefit. Additionally, the cone beam uses minimal radiation in scanning and is a much less invasive process than other forms of imaging. This makes the cone beam an excellent choice for patients with dental anxiety or a sensitive gag reflex.

Intraoral Camera

The intraoral camera is about the size and shape of a pen. It is used to record images of your teeth, gums, mouth, and tongue from inside your mouth. Due to its small size and sleek design, it is comfortable, easy to use, and able to view a wide range of angles. The intraoral camera is a safe and effective tool that can be used with patients of every age.

The intraoral camera is a highly valuable resource for both diagnosis and treatment planning. Each time we use the intra-oral camera, a new disposable cover is employed. This ensures your health and safety at all times. After your exam, images captured by the intraoral camera may be digitally stored, printed out, or deleted.

VELScope Oral Cancer Screening

This handheld scope uses a special blue-spectrum light to scan the tissues in the mouth. This light creates distinct visual patterns on health and unhealthy tissues through natural fluorescence. With this screening light, we can more accurately discover potential oral cancers in early, highly treatable stages.

Air Abrasion

Our office is equipped with modern air abrasion technology. We utilize a small handheld device to blow a stream of air and tiny aluminum oxide particles against your tooth. This can be used to safely blast away tooth decay and remove surface stains. Air abrasion may also be used as part of a cosmetic or restorative treatment to prepare a tooth for bonding or to repair cracked or worn teeth.

Nomad™ X-Ray Gun

The Nomad™ handheld X-ray system is battery-powered for completely cordless portability. With the Nomad™ gun, we can take accurate, efficient scans with less radiation exposure than most conventional systems. The Nomad™ is comfortable and convenient, and can be used in any treatment room.

Intraoral Scanner

3D Printing

Lenoir City Dental has integrated the use of 3D printing technology into our practice. This innovative approach transforms how we deliver dental care, offering you precision, speed, and outstanding results. 3D printing in dentistry uses digital models to create highly accurate and custom dental restorations and appliances. This method fabricates items layer by layer, ensuring a perfect match to each patient's unique needs.

The key benefits include:

  • Precision: Custom-fit restorations and devices, tailored for comfort and effectiveness.
  • Speed: Dramatically reduced waiting times, providing faster solutions to dental needs.
  • Quality: Enhanced outcomes with aesthetically pleasing and well-functioning restorations.
  • Innovation: Access to advanced treatment options previously unavailable.
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